MeetBot Introduction

MeetBot is a handy assistant whenever you want to organize a meeting with a group of people

Consider the following scenario ...

Scenario: Sunday yoga in the park


You have the splendid idea to get together, with the yoga class, for a session in the park.

You can contact 5 of the participants through email, from a previous invitation for the class.

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You wait for some time until the first responses come in ...

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And on it goes... A simple invitation like this can easily spiral out of control

  • People forget to respond or respond late
  • People have special requests on time, location and other details
  • It is difficult to share status among participants
  • It is difficult to get a final confirmation if/when the meeting will take place
  • Confirmed participants may forget to come
  • It may be hard find the location

On top of this you may be engaged in multiple occations at the same time

How can Meetbot help?

MeetBot is designed to help out in situations like this in any way possible

Your main responsibility (as organizer) is to setup the meeting. MeetBot then take over and become the focal point for the meeting to handle synchronization between participants and yourself as organizer.

meetbot relation to users

MeetBot may help with the following

  • Send invitations
  • Keep updated information about meeting details, time and location
  • Remind participants that havn't yet answered
  • Collect responses from participants and share its status
  • Confirm (or cancel) meeting in due time before start
  • Help resolving conflicting requirements
  • Help participants to find the location

There are very good reasons for calendar applications like Microsoft Outlook in the corporate world to handle situations like this. MeetBot is an easy to use, yet powerful, alternative when no common platform is available or suitable.

The only requirements to use MeetBot is web access and preferrebly email. Not even an account is required to participate. Try it by creating your first meeting now!